Jisha’s killer finally nabbed


DNA resultsĀ confirm the Assam native, Ami Ul Islam as the murderer of Jisha. He is said to have fled to Assam after the murder, and was returning to Perumbavoor when picked up by the police. Four of his friends also are being held by the police. The major break through to the case came when police found the footwear that was abandoned near murder scene with jisha’s blood on it. Traces of cement found in the footwear hinted that the murderer could be a construction worker. The suspect is one of the workers who worked on the construction of Jisha’s house. Now the DNA samples of the suspect is confirmed to match with the saliva and blood samples found on Jisha’s body.

Revoking of Patents in India

In ensuring that innovation is always encouraged and appreciated intellectual property rights play an important role. India has one of the strictest patent laws in the world which also make sure that its pharmaceutical patents are accessible to public at reasonable cost. Indian patent law has always restricted giant pharmaceutical companies from entering the industry by just making minor modifications in their patents. Once a patent for a drug is expired it can be sold in the market for a cheaper price.

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Innovation, Patents and India

There is n number of ways to protect innovation. IP can be protected by patents, trademarks, design rights, copyrights and trade secrets. Of the entire IP rights patent play an important role in protecting inventions. The introduction of patents is to promote innovation in every technology field. The effort and time spend on R and D, manufacturing, delivery of goods will be of no use if a country does not have strong IP laws. A patent is a form of intellectual property right which grants exclusive privilege to the inventor to use the invention and preventing others from making, using, selling his invention without his knowledge.

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Legal outsourcing by US to India: LPO in bloom

Legal Outsourcing to India by US to an end

LPO is the latest iteration of India’s wildly successful off shoring industry. Business process outsourcing and call centers are already established markets in India and employ more than 20% of the youth population. This year, the Indian BPO business generated more than $100 billion in revenue.

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Google money goes to US law enforcement agency

Google illegal moneyIn an announcement made by the US Attorney Peter F Neronha, it has been declared that 230 million dollars forfeited by the Google will be distributed to the Rhode Island Law Enforcement agencies that participated in an investigation that resulted in Google forfeiting $500 million last year.

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German President Christian Wulff resigned over loan scandal

Christian-WulffAfter the loan scandal story, the President of Germany, Christian Wulff resigned from his position as President. Angela Merkel of Christian Democrat Party had reported her regret on the president’s resignation and cancelled her Italy visit.

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