Google money goes to US law enforcement agency

Google illegal moneyIn an announcement made by the US Attorney Peter F Neronha, it has been declared that 230 million dollars forfeited by the Google will be distributed to the Rhode Island Law Enforcement agencies that participated in an investigation that resulted in Google forfeiting $500 million last year.

The internet search engine giant, Google fortified the sum last August for the distribution of online ads from Canadian pharmacies which illegally imported drugs into the United States of America. The investigation conducted by the US law agencies disclose the fact that it was the Google which helped the Canadian pharmacy to advertise on its Ad Words platform.

From the announcement made by the US Justice Department, of the $500 million dollars forfeited by Google, $230 million will be distributed to five state and local agencies that contributed towards the investigation. According to Neronha 60 million will be received by the East Providence police, North Providence police and the attorney general’s office, $45 million for the state police and the Rhode Island National Guard will receive $5 million. Further $100 million will be shared by four federal agencies that actively participated in the investigation. The US Postal Service will receive $40 million, US Secret Service $15 million and US Immigration and Customs Enforcement $10 million.

According to the officials the remaining amount of $170 million will be deposited in the department of Justice’s Assets Forfeiture Fund which a national account used to pay to seizing property and to meet the expenses from forfeiture operations. The remaining fund will be also used to meet some general investigatory expenses.

Google, the internet search engine giant initially did not respond to a request for comment but later they said that they are taking all the responsibilities for their actions and they admitted the fact that they should have been more vigilant while allowing the advertisements and they further added that they will take necessary steps to prevent this in the near future.

Google money goes to US law enforcement agency

Navanitha Warrier,
Kerala Law Academy