How to get a Seller’s Permit

How to get a Seller’s Permit in USA

Sellers’ permit is permission issued by the most of the states of US for regulating the selling (both retail and wholesale). Sellers’ permit may also be obtained if you intend to sell/lease tangible properties. Sellers permit may also obtain on temporary basis. (For e.g.: selling festive collections). If you are entertaining business in more than one state you have to get separate license for all the states.

One can apply for sellers’ permit through online only for ‘qualified sellers’ (eReg) or in person to the nearest BOE office.

  • Your social security number (corporate officers excluded).
  • Date of birth and other formal information like driving license number, or other ID (e.g., passport).
  • Banking account details such as: name and location of a bank where you have an account that you use for transactions of business
  • Full details of the suppliers from where the product has been delivered to you for retail selling.
  • Details of persons that you are disclosing as personal reference
  • Details of source of Income that are taxable
  • Any other Additional information as may be required.

Any change in business ownership must be updated with BOE office to avoid ambiguity in relation to payment of taxes and other liabilities.

Any change in mailing address of communication, change in business segment or on adding or change in ownership must also be communicated to the BOE office.

Essentials for application of Sellers’ Permit:

Updated Tax Account

Security Deposit to BOE office

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