Litigation Support Services in India


We can never imagine a world without litigation, allegation or cases. As the number of cases is increasing day by day the lawyer or the attorneys spend least time on their office desk to complete their back desk works. Litigation support companies are the real actors behind nullifying the loss that may incurred due to spending of least time on desk. The article laid emphasis on litigation support services, litigation support companies etc.


Litigation support services include all the activities designed to prepare a lawyer to try a case, including interviewing witness, document review and case preparation. Litigation support involves the organization of documents, including paper based document management but increasingly through technology such as litigation support software and systems. Documents are organized into searchable databases for review and production. Further litigation support software and systems is the software and the system to assist lawyers in preparing and presenting cases for trial. Features may include data indexing, organization, notes, timelines, calendaring and other specific tools. Litigation support partnership or a company provides the ligation support services. The process involves conversion of a paper document to an electronic document and management solutions for all digital documents.


The duties of litigation support companies or service providers are briefly discussed as follows.

  • They should complete the litigation task within the given time frame.
  • The documents must be accurate as they act sensitive to the case.
  • Scanning should be done with 100% accuracy to make document to be of a clear view.
  • Use of Optical Character Reader or Optical Mark Reader systems to transform digitized documents to readable text files.
  • They must be centralized data warehousing which helps the client to plan, analyze and provide reports to the documents.


The litigation support services may have the following advantages which are mentioned as follows.

  • It lessens the burden on lawyer as gives opportunity to take many cases at a time.
  • It provides job opportunity to lawyers as well as software engineers.
  • It fastens the proceedings by unnecessary pending.
  • It helps the client to enjoy justice within a limited period of time.


  • The secrecy of the case may be least secured.
  • It is expensive in nature.
  • It may not be close to the hands of lawyer to whom the client has assigned the case.


The ligation support services play an eminent role in helping the actual lawyers or the attorneys of the case in completing their work at the desk. It should be noted that the case documents should not ever loss its secrecy.

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