Revoking of Patents in India

In ensuring that innovation is always encouraged and appreciated intellectual property rights play an important role. India has one of the strictest patent laws in the world which also make sure that its pharmaceutical patents are accessible to public at reasonable cost. Indian patent law has always restricted giant pharmaceutical companies from entering the industry by just making minor modifications in their patents. Once a patent for a drug is expired it can be sold in the market for a cheaper price.

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How to Register Patent

Registering a Patent

patentPatent is the granting of an exclusive right to the inventor to use, enjoy and sell his invention. Patent is given to encourage the inventors to carry on with their inventions and to reward them for communicating it to the world. Several claims and conflicts arise while registering a patent. In India patent is granted by the Controller General of Patent Designs and Trademarks.

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Lodsys sued Angry Birds for violating patents

American company, Lodsys, sued the makers of Angry Birds, Roivo, for supposedly violating its patents. Angry birds allowed the users to purchase new levels inside its mobile applications. The Finnish games company thus was under fire from the Texan company for violating patent.
This issue has prevented several European games developers launching their application.
According to a website The US patent systems differs from European union, although the European parliament has taken line up for patent rights in US. There has a rapid growth on patent suits in US. This has raised a major threat to the burgeoning mobile application market.
The lawsuits have made European developers to think whether their applications should run in US or not.

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