16 killed in Pakistan bakery bombing

16 killed in Pakistan bakery bombingAround 16 people were killed and 40 were injured in a suspected suicide bombing that shred through a bakery in a cantonment area in Pakistan last Sunday.

The bakery was situated in Nowshera city, which is home to Pakistan Army School of Artillery, in Khyber Pakhtuunkwa province, and at the time of the blast the shoppers were completely filled in the bakery.

The sources stated to the Geo TV that, those killed in the blast also included the wife and two children of a high ranked security official.

The police reported that the gas cylinders in the bakery also blew up in the blast which triggered a huge fire that engulfed the whole bakery.

The rescue efforts commenced almost immediately as the fire tenders, ambulances and other emergency services quickly reached the blast site. The rescue teams of Pakistan Army also joined.

The police stated that they were still trying to ascertain the cause of this tragic and heartbreaking incident.