Chaudhry Ahmed MukhtarPakistani defence minister Chaudhry Ahmed Mukhtar was of the opinion that Pakistan cannot afford to match the induction of modern weaponry by India which has a greater capacity to sustain a war.

According to Mukhtar, “If we only try to match them (India) militarily and buy the sort of armament which they have, we will probably not be able to afford it.”

To further strengthen his contention he also also pointed out India’s economy is around six to seven times bigger than Pakistan’s and the trade volumes were also about five to six times greater. But he was quick to point out that the relationship between the states have improved after the 2008 Mumbai attacks,

“Slowly the process of meetings has started. People are going across the border; nobody had ever thought they could walk with a suitcase in hand to Amritsar via Wagah but that is happeneing”, said an elated defence minister with regard to the relations between the States.

He also pointed out that it was unfortunate that when the relations are good, something unfortunate like the Mumbai attacks occurs.

Matters would improve when “we decide that religion and politics should not be mixed together” he said.


Report by Sumit