Terror victim’s saviour arrested

Papalal who is a painter for Hindu Gods and Goddesses for temples in the city of Hyderabad and his wife Jayashree, took a 4years old orphan Muslim girl who was the victim of the bomb blast which took place in the city on 2007. Papalal was working near to the area were the blast took place and he found the girl near Gokul Chat centre blast site.

Once a great controversy arose with regard to the growing up of a Muslim girl in a Hindu family and as a result of which the Muslim groups asked the family to hand over the child to them. On the refusal by Papalal, the Muslim groups intervened and said that if the child is brought up as a Muslim, she can continue living there. Papalal agreed for the same and she was brought up as a Muslim. But again small neighbourhood in Chudibazaar area of begum bazaar objected to the Muslim child growing up in a Hindu family and locality.

Papalal then approached the State Human Rights commission (SHRC) which thereby ordered that the police must ensure the safety of the child and the family. After being ostracized by different families, Papalal’s own brother stepped into the same and this resulted in the war of words and fight between the brothers. He filed several police cases against Papalal including which accuses him of raping his sister-in-law. Papalal said that he did not committed any crime but only gave shelter to an orphan girl and protected her and hence he owes a minimum degree of justice.

Papalal was sent to jail and the head of local Child Welfare Committee stated, “we found the couple fit and we are giving the local custody for three months pending some inquiries to declare the child free for adoption”.

The couple was thus happy as they got the custody of the child but were disappointed with the harassments that they had to suffer.