Lodsys sued Angry Birds for violating patents

American company, Lodsys, sued the makers of Angry Birds, Roivo, for supposedly violating its patents. Angry birds allowed the users to purchase new levels inside its mobile applications. The Finnish games company thus was under fire from the Texan company for violating patent.
This issue has prevented several European games developers launching their application.
According to a website The US patent systems differs from European union, although the European parliament has taken line up for patent rights in US. There has a rapid growth on patent suits in US. This has raised a major threat to the burgeoning mobile application market.
The lawsuits have made European developers to think whether their applications should run in US or not.

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New York Courts now closed for the civil union divorce

If gay or lesbian legally married or validly entered into a same sex civil union or domestic partnership in another state and other partner currently reside in New York State, then the New York Courts are now open to deal with dissolution of same sex relationship. With all the consideration and observation being accorded on the legalization of same-sex marriage in New York State, there is another line being formed there as well, the line of those couples which are in need to get divorced. It’s not reasonably as romantic, but from legal and economic aspects the approach to a divorce court is possibly even more worthwhile for the conflict in couples, but to the larger number of gay and lesbian community as well. Access to impartial and balenced divorce proceedings are important, but being set free of marital limitation when the relationship is over is significant.

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Children Performers in Circus now banned

child circusIndia’s long standing and time honoured traveling circuses maintain the position of affection of general people across the country, regardless of the fact that retinue has been degrading in recent years. Although their popularity, there have long been concerns about their act and practices of child circus performers, many of whom are illegally carried out for their trade and business from Nepal.

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