The controversy over world’s seventh billionth baby

7_billionth_baby31st of December was declared as the 7th billionth day by the United Nations. As this is the day when the worlds population reaches a landmark of 7 billion. Taking this into consideration there has been many hue and cries through out the world over the claims of being the 7th billionth baby. Although the united nations have declared Danica of Philippines as the seventh billionth baby by presenting a cake. In countries like Britain a baby boy Peter Bashir Yansaneh born to father Amara Yansaneh and mother Yasmin Karim was claimed the 7th billionth baby. And in India a baby girl named Nargis was the symbolic seven billionth child to be born. And similarly almost in all countries one or the other people have claimed their child to be the seventh billionth baby.  But the question arises what is great about being the 7 billionth baby? And secondly is the population estimates given by the United Nations is exact without deviations?

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