What is Corporate Litigation

Meaning and origin of Corporate Litigation

The word corporate signifies “of or relating to a corporation” and litigate means to contest in legal proceedings. So corporate litigation means the legal proceedings with regard to a body of corporation or a body related to the corporation. The term has originated from two Latin terms i.e. corporatus and litigare.

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Civil Litigation Law Firm


It is a legal dispute between two or more parties that seek money damages or specific performance rather than criminal sanctions. The lawyer who practice civil litigation represent parties in trials, hearings, arbitration and mediation before administrative agencies, foreign tribunals and federal, state and local courts.

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Foreign direct Investment in India

Foreign firms investing basically in India is called as foreign direct investment. This investment happens basically through mergers and acquisitions and also by takeover. FDI bring fear in Indian marketers as they might lose their own say in the market. On the other hand arguments were also raised pro FDI as “If India can adopt most of the foreign Culture, then why not FDI?” On the other hand Bringing in FDI into India is purely a concern of time; Right time must be identified for effective functioning of FDI in India.

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Foreclosure Defense Attorney Services


Loan is an inevitable element in human being’s life and livelihood. A person without any loan especially in the digital era is seen in sparse. The number of lenders increased when the demand for loan increased. But the lenders should be secured and be far away from risk even during the nonpayment of borrowed money. This article gives an over view of foreclosure and the defenses of foreclosure.

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Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act RESPA

Some of the main objects behind the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, 1974 are:

  • Bring more effective advance disclosure of settlement costs;
  • Eliminate fees that tended to increase the cost of settlement services & buyers and sellers of property;
  • reduce sums that home buyers were required, by lenders, to place in insure payment of real estate taxes and insurance; and
  • Significantly reform and modernize local record keeping of land title information.

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Legal Outsourcing India


Many 1s’ make a thousand. In the olden times lawyers had individual existence. Later it has changed by formation of groups through firms or companies. By the end of the 19th century many law firms sprout out in different parts of the globe. India being under the colonial rule was least affected by the changes evolved round the world. By 1990s India being a democratic independent country has welcomed globalization and liberalization to expand and boost its economy and development. By 21st century, legal sector gained all its power and vigor to start outsourcing process. The article deals with meaning and definition of LPO, methods of LPO initiation and LPO’s in INDIA.

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