Corporate Name Change

How to change a Corporate Name Legally

Name of your company is the main face value asset of your entire business. One must be cautious while registering/changing the business name. The name must be unique, and creative most importantly it must reflect the face of your business segment.

Changing Business name

When you decide to change the name of your business due to various reasons,

  • Firstly, check for the trademark of the new name you are opting for your business. This can be done with the online trademark search available with the trademark office.
  • If your business name comes with any design, even that may be searched in the online trademark search available.
  • This online search of trademarks can be effectively done with the professional service of the IP attorneys
  • Secondly, domain name search is also mandatory while you go for changing the business name.
  • Special forms are to be made for changing the name in the certificate of incorporation
  • Tax authorities and other officials are to be notified in writing/ or through the forms available with the officials.
  • New logos, designs shall be made official after the legal procedures are once complied with.

Circumstances when there is a need to change the name

  • Change in ownership
  • Entirely changing the focus on new brand in new line
  • When there is a drastic change in shareholders of the company- where their voting of the share holders suggest in changing of name

Effects of changing a Business name

  • Most corporate do not easily change their name as it is has emotionally placed a value in customers mind.

Changing a business name frequently for unnecessary reasons is not advisable as it may create unwanted rumors among the public. If you are looking for a legal service on Corporate Name Change or legal advice on changing the name of your corporate business, feel free to call our corporate legal team and get your legal opinion, advice and legal answers for your questions.