What is Corporate Litigation

Meaning and origin of Corporate Litigation

The word corporate signifies “of or relating to a corporation” and litigate means to contest in legal proceedings. So corporate litigation means the legal proceedings with regard to a body of corporation or a body related to the corporation. The term has originated from two Latin terms i.e. corporatus and litigare.

What is Corporate Litigation

When business disputes so arose have not been settled through talks and negotiations corporate litigation is the ever best solution. In corporate litigation the defense attorney representing a company in a class action, contract law, malpractice or other type of law suit. The different kinds of corporate litigation may include any infringement on the intellectual property right, monopolistic attitudes of larger companies, breach of fiduciary duty, duplicity, diverse fraud and forgeries etc.


  • Low speed compared to arbitration
  • High costs
  • Absence of specialized decision makers
  • No choice on forum selection as like arbitration


  • IT involves discovery of materials, facts etc.
  • It is appeal-able in nature
  • Frequency of filing of disputes will be less compared to arbitration.


Corporate litigation being the sole tool for formal settlement of disputes of corporate bodies play an important role in administering justice in the corporate sector.