Anna Hazare-Lok palThe rift within the Lokpal Bill Draft committee continues to widen. The civil society and the government representatives who form the committee may have agreed to disagree but on Thursday the claws came out.

Anna Hazare has accused the government of not taking an effective action for the implementation of the Lokpal Bill and said that he shall protest against this by fasting for the second time at Jantar Mantar from August 16.

Responding to Anna Hazare, Union Minister Kapil Sibal said the threats won’t work during the negotiations.

The Government also promised to prepare a draft bill by the end of June.

Meanwhile, while talking to the newspaper reporters, he claimed the Committee meetings to be a waste of time.

Anna also made it clear that if they feel that the Committee is doing injustice to the nation, then they shall follow their own paths but presently waiting for the June 20th meeting.

Report by Alka Raju