Assam police defuse explosive device from train, avert tragedy

explossive in assamAn explosive device which was planted inside the train was detected and rescued by a personnel of Assam police during their routine search after the train arrived at the railway station on Friday, 17th of June 2011 morning, and thereby prevented a great tragedy that was about to happen.

The bomb was kept inside an air bag in seat no. 22 of S5 coach, and the police found the same during their routine search of Kolkata- Guwahati Kanchenjunga Express at the Guwahati Railway Station.

It was reported that, the train was thoroughly checked and after the bomb was found, the whole 1100 passengers who were inside the train were deboarded.

As per the report given by police, it was at around 5. 20 A.M, after the train arrived, they recovered 4 kg explosive, 4detonators and a time device from the bag.

They also stated clearly that every train that arrives at the Guwahati station is carefully checked by their officials.

Report By Sharika M.