Lawyers Accost Delhi-bound T Congress MP’s at Air

LawyerPro-Telangana advocates want the Congress party’s public representatives elected from the region to treat their Wednesday’s visit to New Delhi to meet the party’s core committee their last. They have told the Congress leaders that they should come back with an assurance from the high command on Telangana state or resign from their posts and join the agitation.

Members of the Telangana Advocates Joint Action Committee (TAJAC) met a group of Congress leaders in the airport before they left they flew to Delhi on Tuesday.

TAJAC co-convener T Sriranga Rao aid that this should be their last visit to New Delhi and said there should not be any more dilly-dallying on the Telangana issue. The advocates later also asked the panchayat raj minister K Jana Reddy to join with them in the movement.

Meanwhile, TAJAC has demanded that Congress MP’s should make efforts to resolve the statehood issue. They should either bring their Telangana or quit their posts.

Report by Alka