Juvenile case- Facebook stalking

A 12-year-old Seattle girl received a six month suspended sentenced to probation for cyber stalking and first degree computer trespassing charges against classmate on Face book.

The sentence also includes 20 hours of community services as the Juvenile Court consider in cognizance for using the victim’s password information to get into her Face book. She and another girl, who is just 11, allegedly posted sexually explicit content on the victim’s page.

As one of two charged in the case, tearfully apologizes during her deferred disposition saying, I want to apologize for making people go through all of this, I just feel real bad and if I could go back I would change everything.

Furthermore the posting graphics content on the victim’s page, the pair also sent instant messages to random individuals to arrange for sex acts.

Les Cote, 12 year old girl s a victim and her mother have asked the media to use her name in hopes of bringing attention to the issue of cyber stalking.

According to the Prosecutors, Leslie had been at the home of one of the defendants in the month of March when she logged into Face book. Her password information keyed up and stored on girl’s computer.

Juvenile case- Face book stalking

Report by: – Vibhanshu Vaibhav