We believe in deterrent theory instead of reformative as another man beheaded in Saudi

Another Saudi man was beheaded on Friday in Tabuk as the monarchy kingdom still use to prove its ultraconservative kingdom.

The man was convicted for sexually assaulting another man’s wife, by entering forcibly into her house.

Adel-bin Mohammed Assiri was the accused who was beheaded. He forcibly entered into another’s man house, hitting her wife, photographing her naked and attempting to rape her, said by the official SPA. The interior ministry said we don’t believe in reformative theory as the need of the society is deterrent.

This is not the first time in cases like this has appeared. His execution brings 32; the number persons beheaded this year based on official and human rights group report.

On June 2011, the UN as well as the officials of Amnesty International called on Saudi Arab to stop applying death penalties like this. The rule of monarchy has risen to kill human rights like an insect.

The reports say 15 people have been beheaded in May alone. The numbers are getting raised day by day.

Charges like armed robbery, murder, rape, drug smuggling is punishable with death penalties in Saudi Arabia interpreting the Islamic Sharia law.

If this situation follows it will be hard to survive as there can be cases which are not reasonable and the convicted must be innocent.

Report by Kushal Kumar