DOWLER COMPENSATIONThe family of murdered 13 year old Milly Dowler has said they paid a too high price for the conviction of their daughter Levi Bellfield. Bellfield was given a life imprisonment for the murder of Milly Dowler in Surrey in the year 2002.

Milly’s father claimed that the trial had been scaring and the justice system was being unfairly given to the criminal. The director of public prosecutions said it raised “fundamental questions” about the treatment of victims.

Milly’s mother, Sally Dowler said that her daughter had to undergo defamation in the court as the court addressed her as unhappy and depressed girl. In addition to it she stated that in whole the trial had been an awful experience. But she said “at last the man responsible for the cruel murder of their daughter had been brought to justice”.

Bellfield also face another charge of attempting to abduct Rachel Cowles, who is now 21, but the jury was discharged and there will be no trial. Defense lawyers cited a “rush of adverse publicity” following Bellfield’s conviction.

Milly’s mother claimed her to be a happy, fun loving girl rather than the depressed girl as mentioned by the defense team. But evidences were put forward in the trial, where it displayed certain letters and poems written by her portraying herself as a “disappointment”.

Also, when the defense called her mother to give evidence, it is being stated by Mr. Dowler that Sally was treated in a cruel and inhuman manner resulting in her collapsing after leaving the stand.

Milly’s sister, Gemma Dowler said that the day when her mother and father were questioned by the defense team, it was nothing but a mental torture and she claimed that they have suffered enough.

Roger Coe Salazar, of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) in the South East said: “There is no doubt that this experience has been extremely distressing for the Dowler family and it is impossible not to be moved and disturbed by the sentiments they have expressed today”. Also stated that he and his staffs found Dowler and his family displayed over a period of time and especially during the time of trial, most humbling.

Report by Alka