The government on Friday said that it was yet to begin with the final drafting of the Lokpal bill and was open to face fresh suggestions with regard to the bill before sending the bill to the cabinet for final approval. Law Minister M Veerappa Moily said that what they have is not the final draft bill but it is the draft from the government representatives in the joint drafting committee. He also added that after receiving feedback from the political parties, they will work on the final drafting of the bill and will send it to various ministers for consultation, following which would be placed before the cabinet.

Moily also reported that he has made it a clear point that in the all-party meeting which is to be held on July 3rd will place both the drafts i.e. one prepared by the representatives of the government and other draft prepared by Anna Hazare. He further added that the draft prepared by the five ministers on the Joint panel included the suggestions as well as the opinions of the civil society as well. Also the suggestions which were made by the Anna Hazare team at the meeting have also tried to be incorporated in the new draft.

Both the sides had differed in various aspects precisely on eight crucial issues, including bringing the Prime Minister and higher judiciary within the purview of anti-corruption ombudsman.

Report by Alka