UN CONDEMNS MUMBAI BLASTSIt’s a recap of the terror activities in India as three serial bomb attacks strikes again in Mumbai last night.

Three bomb attacks that occurred within minutes of each other in Mumbai’s Zaveri Bazar, Opera House and Dadar Wednesday, left 20 people dead and over 140 injured.

Different views are coming all around the world as it happens. UN chief Ban ki-moon condemns Mumbai blasts. UN Secretary- General, very strongly criticized the bomb attacks. He said no cause of hatred or grievance can justify the violence on the verge of civilian lives.

The secretary-general expressed his concordance with the government and people of India, and also gave his consolation to the victims and their families, he added. Australian Prime Minister and Foreign Minister also condemn the blast saying such gratuitous acts of terrorism have no place in civilized society.

The United States, Canada, France and the other members of Security Council have all condemned the latest attack.


Report by Kushal Kumar