UN declares first famine in Africa for three decades

This is the worst famine in three decades as thousands of people have died and the rate can be raised in large numbers. This is the first time the famine has been officially declared by United Nation as the worst food crises.
The world biggest donor to Somalia until 2009, United States has now barred their funding as they had risks that this material may benefit the terrorist. The aid has fallen 88 percent i.e. from £150m to £13m this year.
Tens of the thousand have already died and the death toll can rise ten times. South region are the worst effected.
Funding from the international individual donors as well as superior countries has increased but it is not enough to meet the demands the UN figure said.
The Horn of Africa said that the world had failed to respond early as it was a predictable disaster. He added if more action has been taken earlier more life would have been saved.
Some world leading organizations like as UNICEF, with support of Britain has started food supplies from the means of aircraft.
African need an urgent help from the international community otherwise millions can be the part of famine.

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