Pentagon suffered the largest ever cyber attack

Pentagon suffered cyber attackOne of the safest places in the world The Pentagon one of it’s largest ever loss of there sensitive data in March this year. The sources confirmed that 24,000 files were stolen in cyber attack.

The Pentagon officials are also worried that the stolen documents can also com in the work of terrorist activities.

The US deputy secretary of defence, William Lynn, – said the data was taken from the computers of a corporate defence contractor in America. He also concluded that the government has an idea who is the part of this cyber attack but does not want to disclose the secret.

Many of the past cyber attack was being blamed to China and Russia, but the biggest threat to them is of some terrorist group acquiring files.The cyber warfare is thus one of the biggest threats in world with respect to land, water and sea, as the March attack in Pentagon was the most modern strategy of the cyber war.

It is the call for military to worry for the critical operations. He said the situation in the last few years is becoming more and tougher as the cyber war has attacked the most sensitive systems including the satellite communication systems and surveillance.

The situation is becoming more serious as the sources report says that the missile tracking systems and drone aircraft has also been affected.The new defence secretary Leon Panetta said – there is a strong chance of a Pearl Harbour in a form of cyber attack.

Earlier this year, the President Barack Obama has signed executive orders looking their commanders around the globe as how far they can go in cyber attack and other computer based operations against the enemies who are very much indulge in the modern cyber warfare.

Pentagon suffered the largest ever cyber attack

Report by Kushal Kumar