Iceland drafting new constitution using website, social media

The government of Iceland is taking the help of general population to shape its new constitution. The government is taking the help of public through a number of media formats, including the Constitutional Council website in which the new parts of the working draft are uploaded and redrafted according to the public consensus. The government has made Twitter and Facebook pages for comments, and a YouTube channel dedicated to the videos of drafting process. The Constitutional Council is taking all measures to ensure the public support while the work is in progress. It’s possible for the public to see the developments in the text of a prospective proposition and make comments on the texts. The Council has made it possible for the public to send messages to the Council. All received messages are published on the Council’s website under the sender’s name (anonymous messages are not accepted) and the public can read and comment on each message which has been published. This unique process adopted by the government has already created a lively discussion on the website. The Council emphasizes an open communication with the Icelandic nation and has given the people an opportunity to participate in the formation of a new Constitution of the Republic of Iceland. Earlier last year the government had picked up 1,000 citizens, with 4,000 alternates, in random from the national registry to attend the National Conference on the Constitution. The drafting of the Constitution began in April, and is to end in July when the new constitution will be put to popular referendum.