Spain arrests Anonymous suspects

The three suspected members of the Anonymous hacking group have been arrested in Spain. It was simultaneously in three Spanish cities namely, Barcelona, Valencia and Almeria, the arrests were made. This arrest drew a conclusion for the investigation of the same which commenced on October 2010.

The Spanish National Police force reported that the computer used in hacks was the one which was seized in the home of a person arrested by them.
The Spanish Cyber Police searched through millions of lines of chat logs in order to find out who was actually behind the activities of this group.
Some of the attacks made by anonymous members used a web-based tool called Loic to bombard target sites with data. The Websites of PayPal, MasterCard, and Amazon were all targeted using this tool.
Prior to the raids in Spain, the arrests of Anonymous members have been made in U.S, U.K and Holland.
This Anonymous grew out of the online picture sharing site 4chan and describes itself as a group of concerned internet citizens.