German court rejects Spain extradition request

German court rejects spainA Court in Munich in Germany yesterday denied Spain’s request to extradite retired US autoworker and Nazi guard John Demjanjuk for trial in Madrid.

The Spanish National Court had earlier in January sought Demjanjuk’s extradition so that he could face trial on the charges of genocide and crimes against humanity relating to his alleged involvement in the killing of 60 Spanish during World War II in the the Flossenburg concentration camp.

The German court denied the request on the grounds that Spanish authorities failed to provide requested information about Demjanjuk involvement in the alleged crimes and that Spain did not have jurisdiction over the case because the alleged crimes took place in Germany and Germany’s statute of limitations had expired.

A German court had convicted Demjanjuk on the grounds of helping to murder thousands during the Holocaust and sentenced him to five years in prison and then later released him on the pending appeal. The judge found that Demjanjuk, assisted in the deaths of nearly 28,000 Jews when he was a guard at the Sobidor death camp.

Report by Reuben