anna hazare photoSocial activist Anna Hazare on Thursday slammed Baba Ramdev’s call to arms, saying he abhorred violence and he would not associate himself with a man who planned to raise a militia of volunteers. Hazare said he will not meet the yoga guru for some time as a result of his non- support to the plan to train volunteers.

Hazare’s statement came soon after the press conference of Baba Ramdev in which he declared his assets and also defended his controversial statement by saying “ I am not training Naxals or Maoists but people who will fight for this country”.

However, Hazare told the reporters that Baba Ramdev and he himself were fighting against corruption but the method followed by Hazare was of non-violence. He also added that as the freedom struggle was of non-violence similarly the second freedom struggle against corruption will be of a non-violence one.

He reiterated his demand of bringing the Jan Lokpal bill by August 15, this year. In addition to it he stated that if the Union Government does not promulgate the law before August 15, they will start a ‘jail bharo’ agitation across the country.

Report by Alka