cyber-cirmes increasedThe information technology era has increased the development in India   at a rapid pace. At the same time, the cyber-attacks are on the rise competing with the technological progress.  The cities like Bangalore, Pune, Delhi, Ludhiana and other metropolitan cities are generally victims of cyber-attacks.  According to a recent survey, the State of Karnataka has witnessed manycyber-attacks under the Information Technology Act (IT ACT) (nearly 47%)

The cyber-attacks reported are mostly of hacking, breach of privacy and forgery. Hacking is the most popular cybercrime taking place in most Indian cities. The hacking is gaining access into a computer system without permission of the owner in simple language. It can also be defined unauthorised access into a computer.

Hacking is covered under Section 66 of the IT AMENDED ACT 2008. The provisions laid down in Section 43 of the IT ACT 2008 can also cover hacking in some cases.  The forgery of documents and digital signatures by the way of cyber fraud is also another cybercrime which has increased in the recent times. The fake documents are created with aid of computer technology for cheating people.

The credit card frauds, bank frauds, phishing attacks, data misappropriation to name a few are some of the common cybercrimes.  The security loopholes have been exploited by the cyber criminals to steal personal information and confidential data. Thus, there is a breach of privacy takes place.

The latest reports on cybercrimes indicate a tremendous rise of cybercrimes in the recent years. A total of 198 Indian Government websites are hacked since six months according to a latest survey.


Report by Sai Sushanth