Children Performers in Circus now banned

child circusIndia’s long standing and time honoured traveling circuses maintain the position of affection of general people across the country, regardless of the fact that retinue has been degrading in recent years. Although their popularity, there have long been concerns about their act and practices of child circus performers, many of whom are illegally carried out for their trade and business from Nepal.

Supreme Court of India banned circus owners from employing child performers and sought that youngsters already working in main tent of the circus should set free. This resemblance recently communicated with a child welfare group that rescues children from the circus life. Sometimes before a Child Welfare Organisation found and rescued 23 children from the Circus held in Dehradun which were forcibly put into perform 5 times a day.

The case was brought to the Supreme Court by the New Delhi based non-governmental Organisation, BACHPAN BACHAO ANDOLAN in April, which such abuses are restrained in the circus industry.

child circus bannedAccording to the Court order it has been directed to government to rescue every underage child performer in India, and rehabilitate them for treatment to resort to as lacking of kindness, pity and compassion.

Children Performers in Circus now banned

Report by Vibhanshu Vaibhav