US fund to PakistanIn consequence of Pakistan expelling over 100 US Special Forces Trainers from its territory, the most powerful country in the world (US) seems likely to stop its course of flow of millions of dollars of grants-in-aid to the Pakistani military.

Official sources quoted that the estimated costs to be deducted is an approximate amount of $800 million.

The report says that the halt in the flow of the grants-in-aid is a counter act against Pakistan’s move to expel American military trainers and to press it to fight Taliban militants more effectively, the report said.

The curtailed aid includes the $300 million that the US pays for the deployment of over 10,000 Pakistani soldiers along the Afghan border to fight Taliban militants.

In the wake of the operation by the US forces in Pakistan’s Abbottabad to kill Osama-bin-laden, the Pakistani government has been trying to curtail US presence and pressure within its territory. In this course it closed down the US program me to train its troops battling the Taliban and Al-Qaeda, expelled US forces trainers and also denied visas to American personnel needed to setup this equipment.

The US officials say that the aid and equipment deliveries can only be resumed if the Pakistani government stands its ground on fighting terrorism. But officials have been reported to have said that the cut-offs don’t include military sales like F-16 fighter planes.

US-Flag-BurnningThis and the by-gone scenarios are proof to the fact that no matter how much US pressurizes Pakistan to work seriously and sincerely regarding action against terrorism on the Pakistani and Afghan border fronts, it depends on Pakistan as a major supply route to Afghanistan and hence has to treat it leniently. God knows when the mightiest nation in the world is going to face the truth and implement the right actions thoroughly.


Report by Bikram Singh Rana