Moldovan police have arrested six people suspected of trying to sell a type of uranium that can be used in nuclear weapons. They were held liable to sell more than 1 kg of uranium with a value of at least $20m, as per an official report.

There is confusion with regard to whether these convicts were trying to sell this uranium whether to an African country or to an African National. All the four suspects were Moldovan. Two others are from the breakaway Trans-Dniester region, one of whom also holds Russian citizenship.

Police seized 1.8 kg of uranium-238 in Moldova’s capital, Chisinau, last year. Uranium-238 is the most commonly found, natural form of the substance. The type needed for nuclear weapon and nuclear fuel is the less common uranium 235.

The container with uranium has been in Chisinau for a week. All that time intermediaries were looking for buyers. The container 20cm, was found at one of the detained men’s apartments. Countries like US, Germany and Ukraine had helped Moldova with the investigation. It is suspected that the uranium had come from Russia and was trying to sell it to a North African country.

It was not clear to what level the uranium was enriched.


Report by Alka