Social activist Anna Hazare on Thursday said he was not afraid of death and said the government to fire bullets in the event of his going on fast to presss for a strong Lokpal Bill.

Mr. Hazare told the reporters that, he is not afraid of death. They can fire bullets and not just lathis to repress the agitation and it’s the people to decide whether India has a democratic rule or dictatorship.

However Mr. Digvijay Singh denied saying that he would be treated in the similar manner as the yoga guru Baba Ramdev was treated if he went on a fast unto death from August 16th.

Mr. Singh said during his interaction with news reporters on Wednesday what he said was that the Congress had nothing to do with the manner in which either Mr. Hazare or Baba Ramdev was treated. It was always under the discretion of the local government after assessing the situation at that moment.

Mr. Hazare was very much disappointed with the attitude that was taken by the Congress towards the nation-wide protest and stated to the reporters that it is not just Anna Hazare’s movement but it’s a movement undertaken by the people of the whole nation who is supporting this agitation and people will teach them a lesson.

Report by Alka