10 killed in Egyptian protesters, security forces clash

egypt-protesters-security-clashEgypt saw an upsurge in violence and clashes as 10 civilians were killed in the confrontation between the protestors and civilians regarding the military rule. The protest took place in Tahrir Square, the same place where months ago protests were held for the ouster of long-time President Hosni Mubarak. Hundreds of Egyptian army and police forces pushed into the square Sunday, prompting thousands of protesters to face tear gas and what sounded like live fire. Security forces were seen arresting and beating people.

The government said police did not use live rounds against demonstrators in Cairo and elsewhere, and that parliamentary elections will go on as scheduled later this month.

The military said it wants to transfer power to a civilian parliament, but many citizens are dissatisfied with the pace of the transition and the resolve of the military rulers.

The people fear that the military would initiate amendments to the constitution that would make the military immune to civilian overview and would create ‘a state within a state’

Thousands of protesters chanted over the weekend against the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, which rules Egypt, and Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, the head of the council who is effectively the interim ruler of Egypt. The movement had issued a statement urging its members to descend on Tahrir Square immediately because resistance is the only solution.

Down with military rule, the movement said.

Egyptian protesters, security forces clash as 10 are killed

Report by Adhir Roy Chowdury