India puts off border talks with China

India china border talks The scheduled boundary talks between India and china have been postponed, on the last minute. There has been no clear clarification on the issue from the officials as to why such step was taken by India. There were hints as to the decision was taken from the highest level.

Earlier the talks on resolution of border issues were scheduled between national security advisors Shiva Shankar Menon and his Chinese counterpart.

There were reported as indicated by Indian government sources that China’s position on J&K was a point of growing concern for New Delhi and certain terms were not acceptable to India. ┬áThe dissonance between the two sides is supposed to happen during the talks at Bali submit.

The reacting to this step taken by India Chinese officials said that currently, the two sides are still in touch on the specific arrangements including the date of the meeting and I do not have information at this stage.

The matter between the postponement of the talks doesn’t seem clear and now the coming time will speak about the real issue lying behind.

India puts off border talks with China

Report by Abhishek Kumar