Egyptians head to the polls for first vote since historic revolt

Egypt ElectionThis Monday will be a day of reckoning for Egypt as for the first time in decades Egyptians will for vote for their leader.

This will be the first election held since the Arab Springs has toppled one of the longest serving military dictatorships in the world.

The Egyptian public will have dozens of parties to choose from and for many of them it would be their first election.

Many of the protesters who stood day and night in Tahir Square said they never voted earlier because the elections at that time were corrupt. They said they would vote this time as it might make a difference this time. But these elections would not mean the end of the protests. They say that they would be back in Tahir Square as soon the elections will end.

Many protesters who ousted longtime ruler Hosni Mubarak are also protesting against the temporary military rule in Egypt and want them out as soon as possible.

Meanwhile the head of interim military government in Egypt Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi has urged the public to go and vote in the elections and said that Egypt is at a critical crossroads. “It either succeeds, or Egypt will face dire consequences”.

The once-banned Muslim Brotherhood, one of the country’s largest organizations, is expected to perform well in the coming elections taking place against the backdrop of demonstrations anticipated as an immediate end to military rules. Some protesters have reported that they are about to boycott the Election.

Egyptians head to the polls for first vote since historic revolt

Report by Adhir Roy Chowdury