Bill passed over splitting of Uttar Pradesh

UP assembly passed a resolution for division of Uttar Pradesh into 4 parts in the starting of this winter session of the assembly in Lucknow. Inspite of large scale opposition from Parties like BJP and BSP.  There has been resentment against, the Mayawati government. And as a result it is likely to face a no-confidence motion with both the Samjwadi Party and the BJP planning to move separate motions against the government.

The opposition does not have the numbers needed to get the no-confidence motion passed; they are relaying on the MLA’S of BSP who have been denied tickets.
Tickets have been denied to nearly four dozen MLA’s in BSP and the Opposition believes that these legislators have no reason to support the BSP government anymore.  The division of UP is being considered a political move by Mayawati govt., and almost all parties are against it.  UP chief minister Mayawati will, perhaps, be facing the most crucial test of her four-and-a-half-year regime.

Report by Abhishek Kumar