Al Qaeda claims Osama Bin Laden to be tender and kind

osama-bin-ladenIn a video released by the new head of the jihadist group Al-QAEDA, Osama Bin Laden has been described as tender and kind. Entitled as Days with the Imam: Part One, the video lasts about 30 minutes and has also been posted on jihadist websites.

Ayman al-Zawahiri is the new head of the organization after Bin Laden got  killed by the US troops in Pakistan on May, claimed that the former leader to be a sensitive man, People don’t know that this man was tender, gentle, kind, with refined feelings, even when life was hard, We never saw a man like him.  In the video, he was dressed in a white robe and turban and sitting in front of a green curtain.

According to Zawahiri, the video has been created in order to show that Bin Laden’s had a human side. Though the message can be ironic as the leader was accused of several violent attacks, including the 2001 terror attacks on the world trade center

Zawahiri met Bin Laden in Pakistan during mid-1980s while supporting fighters battling Soviet forces in Afghanistan and he also described his time spent with Bin Laden as an honour. He even recalls Bin Laden reaction upon receiving news of some members of Zawahri’s family had been killed. A tearful Bin Laden came to see him and hugged him.

Bin Laden, as claimed by him was also a devoted father who used to pay great attention to his children and their education. Also, Bin Laden, he said greatly valued the sacrifice of those who carried out the September 11 attacks, and wanted everyone to remember them. The sheikh would remember with goodness and gratitude and be moved by the memory of the 19 brothers who attacked the idol of our age, America; he would remember these brothers with extreme fidelity.

Reportedly, the new leader of the AL Qaeda group is sharing fond memories of the terror group’s former leader as a measure boost his own popularity with al-Qaeda followers.

Al Qaeda claims Osama Bin Laden to be tender and kind

Report by Indrani Chowdury