Air Canada sued as lack of French service

Air Canada sued A Canadian Court panelised Air Canada for not serving French passengers. Michel Thibodeau and his partner, Lynda, sued Air Canada for $US500, 000 in punitive damages for not act in accordance with a Canadian law requires the airline to provide services in both of Canada’s official languages as French and English. Mr Thibodeau is a fluently bilingual federal government employee.

Linguistic zealots like Thibodeau do not help unify the cultural divide, but instead aggravate the gap, Among the passengers generally of about 5% is Francophone.

The couples got the ruling in their favour and ordered Air Canada to pay the couple $12,000 and apologize. Air Canada is the largest airline in Canada which was privatized in 1988.

Mr Thibodeau from the next time attempts his little gimmick, the airlines should offer him a discounted ticket or maybe a case of 7 UP, and if that isn’t good sufficient and he linger in filing yet another suit, the Federal Court should inform him – in both official languages, that he is wasting their time.

 Air Canada sued as lack of French service

Report by Vibhanshu Vaibhav