Abuja bomber hits Nigeria police headquarters

Abuja bomber hitThe police reported that, two people including a bomber died on the explosion that took place at Nigeria police headquarters in the capital Abuja.

Olusola Amore, police spokesman stated that the Islamist group of Boko Haram was suspected of being behind the attack.

There was a large cloud of smoke rising from the scene and this blast the car park of the police base destroyed many vehicles.

It was reported by a Red Cross spokesman that, another four bodied had been recovered, were as, seven other people were wounded, five of whom were being treated in the hospital.

For the Nigerian authorities, the attack is an uncomfortable strike at the very heart of their security establishment.

Boko Haram, which usually operates in the north-eastern city of Maiduguri, has been stepping up its attack on security targets in the last few weeks.

It was stated by the group that, they were behind a series of bombings in the capital that took place hours after President Goodluck Jonathan’s inauguration last month.

It was promised by Nigeria’s police chief on Tuesday that, they would send more troops and equipments to the north and would certainly deal with the group. And also they made a declaration that, this group would be finished within a few months.

Report By Sharika M.