2 dads case goes to Supreme Court for Review

2 dads caseIn New Orleans, an organisation of gay rights is endeavour to obtain Supreme Court review of the case of a gay couple who need both their names to be written on the birth certificate of the Louisiana child they adopted in New York.

Both the adoptive parents Oren Adar and Mickey Ray Smith, presently lives n the Orlando, sued to get both their names on the certificate. At the time in the past , the 5th US Circuit Court of appeals in favour of a Louisiana registrar who assert to persistently only one father’s names can go on the birth certificate.

According to State law there is no provision of adopting any child unless the concerned couple is married. In Louisiana, adopted children get new birth certificates with their new parents name on them and concerning to this case if putting both names of men as the father on the birth certificate would violate the State law.

In 2010, the division bench of 5th Circuit Court upheld the ruling of a U.S. District Court Judge regarding the aforesaid issue and ruled in favour of men. The state fought and won a rehearing by the full Court and 16 Judges heard arguments in January.

There is no violation of child’s right to equal protection  under the law and does not deny legal recognition of the New York  adoption by both men as according to the 5th US Circuit Court’s ruling in April 2011 said to the registrar’s decision.

2 dads case goes to Supreme Court for Review

Report by: – Vibhanshu Vaibhav