Kashmir shown as part of Pakistan by US official website

pakistan-map-usAfter having a lot of controversy over Google and other websites misrepresenting the map of India. Now it has cropped from the official website of United States which deals with the foreign relation with the various countries.

The website has shown Kashmir (Pok) as a part of Pakistan and not even a disputed area. And this shows the diplomatic tilt of US towards Pakistan in spite of Pakistan and its ISI being involved in the terror activities and having close ties with Taliban.

In recent, a trend has been to mark Kashmir as Pakistan occupied Kashmir and India occupied Kashmir, followed by BBC but this trend has also not been followed by the US government.

Most such cases of faulty Indian maps were reported from India’s eastern border where Arunachal Pradesh was shown as part of China by private companies. In one such case recently, the Chinese ambassador to India Zhang Yan got into an altercation with an Indian journalist after the latter objected to the state being shown in China in a private firm’s brochure.

Kashmir shown as part of Pakistan by US official website

Report by Abhishek Kumar