According to authorities in Mexican Carribean state of Quitana Roo, a 19 year-old woman was arrested for allegedly trying to sneak her husband out of a prison in a suitcase.

The woman identified as Maria del Mar Arjona was caught as she was leaving the prison in the city of Chetumal pulling a black-wheeled suitcase, the officials said.

According to authorities, when she was walking up a staircase to leave the prison, Arjona hit the suitcase against the stairs. This had caused something bulky to move inside the suitcase which fell under the attention of the guard. The guards noticed and asked her to stop as she also looked nervous.

When the guards opened the suitcase and checked her husband, Juan Ramirez Tijerina inside the suitcase.

According to Cesar Manuel Castila, a spokesman for Quintana Roo’s Department of Public Safety opined that it would have been difficult for the inmate to escape through the suitcase.

He stated that, “We have three inspection stations at the prison and he was caught in the first one. In any case, she would have been asked to open the suitcase for inspection at the third and last inspection station. I don’t know what they were thinking.”

After being convicted for federal drug trafficking charges, Ramirez is serving a sentence at the Chetumal prison.

After being caught, he was immediately returned to his cell and his wife Arjona was detained. This incident has caused her to face multiple charges. She is six months pregnant and fell ill after being detained. As she recovers at a state hospital, charges and court appearance are pending.