court permtAfter a tragic year, Ahmad Sheikh wants to move on, but waits faithfully on the Indian judicial system hoping for a miracle. More than a year ago, his son, Zahid Farooq, 16, was shot dead by a Border Security Force (BSF) patrol party on the February, 5. His teenage son was playing cricket near Nishat Garden, a tourist hub on the outskirts of Srinagar when he was shot dead.

Ahmad Sheikh and his wife have filed an application to adopt a 10-day old boy abandoned by his parents at a hospital. To add to Ahmad’s miseries, his daughter has gone into depression and his wife wants another child but is unable to conceive.

There are 15 couples in contention for this baby and the judge has asked all the couples to submit proofs that they meet the eligibility criteria. Judge will consider the adoption on the parameters like family status, marital age, and age of parents and most importantly the interest of the child.

Farooq’s murder had evoked massive protests across the valley last year. The police charged the BSF commandant RK Birdi and constable Lakhvinder Kumar with murder, criminal conspiracy, destruction of evidence and attempt to murder. The case was recently transferred to the Jammu wing of the Srinagar court.

If the judge goes in favour of Ahmad Sheikh for adoption, then the baby will be Zahid reborn for him and his family . . . . . . .

Report by Sumit