Woman gets life term for killing husband

Legal newsLife time imprisonment was given by the Delhi High Court to the women named Manku for battering her husband to death and cutting off his genitals. Manku’s Husband Raju (35yeras old was found wrapped in a mat bearing multiple wounds caused by a ‘silwata’ (a kitchen implement to blend spices). His genitals too was found cut off with a sickle and there was no sign of his wife. She was later arrested by the police from her home village in Datia District Madhya Pradesh where she had fled after committing the crime. The police also recovered the ‘silwata’ and the sickle, besides her blood-stained clothes and other vital material of evidence. However the judge  N K Kaushik  held that this case cannot be considered as rarest of rarest so death sentence cannot be given and also the court failed to point out the actual reason for Murder of her husband and the Jude argued that:

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“It appears that the murder in this case was caused in a moment of emotional disturbance prompted by the utter sense of frustration and disappointment in the mind of the convict, who belongs to the poor section of the society,”

Report by :Vishnu Devaraj