Mladic flown to Hague to face the war crimes tribunal

Ratko MladicRatko Mladic was extradited to The Hague who will be facing charges for crimes against humanity during the Bosnian Conflict. This action came after a Serbian court held against an appeal not to extradite him. His lawyer argued that Mladic is not fit enough to face trials. The court said that he is healthy enough to be extradited. The Serbian Government within hours from the court’s decision signed his extradition papers and sent him aboard a plane to face the trials under The International Criminal Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia. The charges include slaughtering of about 7,500 Muslim men and boys during the Srebrenica Massacre. He will now undergo a full medical examination before facing the trials. This move of the Serbian government is considered as a bid to join the European Union. After the arrest of the former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic, Mladic was one of last prominent war crimes suspect in the Bosnian conflict to be at large. His arrest did come with protests accusing the government of its pro-western policies. Ratko Mladic to face trial.

Report by Geejo Francis