Vancouver riots disgust Stampeders

Corey Mace was downtown Vancouver to see what the post-game crowds were like during the Canuck’s playoff run.

Mace realized it wasn’t his scene when after an hour or two after the Vancouver win over San Jose.

“We won that game, and it was getting chaotic, but it was still positive,” recalled the Calgary Stampeder defensive lineman Thursday. “But you could tell that if something bad happened, it was going to go overboard.”

And like he felt it did go over board and Mace couldn’t hide his disgust on the day after.

He said that when he tells people he is from Vancouver, they associate him with the ’94 riots.

Team Eric Fraser another Lower mainland resident and Canuck’s fan wasn’t surprised to see the post-game riots.

On Thursday the Stamps spent time in the meeting rooms, watching films and listening to their coaches instead of being on the field.

John Hufnagel told the players pretty much the same thing he told the fans.

“We’re nowhere near where we need to be at this stage in training camp,” he commented

“So we have a week left to work hard, to get better, to prepare ourselves to go up to Edmonton and put on a better performance, and, more importantly, to get ourselves ready for the league opener.”

Import linebacker Terrance Stringer and Canadians defensive back Andre Clarke and D-lineman DeGannes-Shaw were cut from the line-up.

Defensive end Charleston Hughes and receiver Landan Talley were on the injury front and will be out for a day or two.

Stamps were hopeful that defensive back Milt Collins and offensive lineman Jon Gott will get back on the practice field today.