US says Alabama’s immigration law is unconstitutional

alabama-immigrationThe US Department of Justice had said in a court filing that the Alabama Immigration Law is unconstitutional and deprives human of the most basic needs

Alabama’s law cracking down on illegal immigration is considered the strictest in the nation. It has provision that allow state police to check immigration status during traffic stops and a measure requiring schools to determine the immigration status of students.

The US Department of Justice said that the impact of Alabama’s immigration law is clear and deliberate, designed in the language of the legislation’s sponsor, to force aliens to ‘deport themselves, and the department also added The Constitution leaves no room for such a state immigration-enforcement scheme, The US Justice Department’s lawsuit against Alabama over the measure is one of several battles in a nationwide skirmish between state federal officials over who controls immigration enforcement.

The Department argues that the federal government, not state authorities, control immigration enforcement.

But Alabama Governor Robert Bentley said if the federal government would have done its jobs and enforced the laws dealing with this problem. However, they have failed to do that.

However this is not the first time that the US Department of Justice has interfered with the immigration laws of states. The Justice Department has also sued Arizona and South Carolina over immigration measures there, and is considering similar action against Utah, Indiana, and Georgia.

But the final say remain with the US Supreme Court.

US says Alabama’s immigration law is unconstitutional

Report by Adhir Roy Chowdury