Leslie Cunliffe,63, strapped a fake bomb to the student’s body in Melbourne, in May 1999. He then made her send a picture to the family demanding money.

Cunliffe served 12 years in an Australian prison, and is expected to be put on the UK sex offenders register once he reach back UK.

“Under the Sexual Offences Act 2003, anyone convicted of a relevant sexual offence in another country can be placed on the sex offenders register on their return to UK”.

Cunliffe held a woman captive for seven hours in a garage that resembled a ‘dungeon’. Later he demanded A$1 million for her release but was later caught. Cunliffe was released from jail on 16th April but was arrested for breaching parole conditions.

Australian authorities then cancelled his visa on ‘character’ grounds, making use of a provision in their Immigration Act which allows removal of people convicted of serious offences.

He had reportedly been living in the country since 1967.

A spokesman for Australia’s Department for Immigration said: “Department officers are undertaking to remove Mr. Cunliffe to the UK, where he lived before moving to Australia.

Cunliffe will be held at Melbourne’s Maribyrnong Immigration Detention Centre until he is deported.

Report by Alka