JULIAN ASSANGECivil rights campaigners were sparked as the British government has been accused of spying on WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. In the latest video release by WikiLeaks, it is been claimed that in order to keep track of people visiting him, three cameras have been erected outside the entrance of his temporary home in Ellingham Hall, Norfolk.

Sarah Harrison, one of the WikiLeaks’ team, quoted as saying in the video title ‘House Arrest’ that, “We suddenly noticed them appearing since we have been here. We believe they are monitoring everything that goes in and out of the property.”

Vaughan Smith, the owner of the Ellingham Hall, where Mr. Assange moved into mid-December as he fights extradition to Sweden over allegations of sexual crimes said, “I am not an expert on cameras but I believe that these take number plates and report number plates. I think the country is full of them but I don’t know why I need quite so many of them around my house.”

Julian Assange Wikileaks founderDaniel Hamilton, director of Big Brother Watch voiced that regardless of the allegations on Assange, he had not been charged with any crime. And also opined that the his movements and those of his visitors to be monitored this way is an outrageous invasion of personal privacy and demanded that the cameras be removed immediately.


Report by Sumit