3 trade bills taken up by house and senate panels

legal newsWASHINGTON 7-7-2011 –   Three trade deals between South Korea, Colombia, and Panama are being taken up by the House and Senate committees on Thursday that was pending from the time of George W. Bush administration.

The house is disagreeing over the foreign competition of the AMRICAN workers.

This deal will be taken up by the Republican-led House Way, the democratic-led Senate finance committee of America.

The major problem regarding this deal comes when there are differences over the workers aid.

The way of the program taken by the finance committee, at the request of the white house is that the houses want to combine the trade before the expiration of the Trade Adjustment Assistance program. The aim of the program is to provide retraining of the laid-off workers and the financial status of the countries in the trade bill.

The means and the way of the company don’t include the worker program.

3 trade bills taken up by house and senate panels

Report by kushal kumar